Thanksgiving Style Guide 2020

2020 Thanksgiving Style Guide | Five Casual & Dressy Outfit Ideas 

This year, I wanted to do something a little different when it came to Thanksgiving outfit inspiration. Everyone has their own Thanksgiving traditions and events and Turkey Day may be a little different this year for some. After a crazy year of unexpected turns one thing that can bring a little cheer is a cute outfit. Dressing up has a way to lift us out of a funky day and make us feel ready to take on the world. So, I figured I’d bring inspo this year with a little Thanksgiving Style Guide. Here are five outfits that are perfect for the start of the holidays.


First, we have one of my personal favs! I'll call this one "Spice and everything nice" for giggles!

Featuring our new CH Boutique Livin' Cozy Cardigan! Paired with our Brooklyn Ripped Jeans, Athena Booties, Ombre glitter Darling Teardrop Earrings, and Boho Beaded Bracelet. 


Second, Apple of my pie is a more causal dressy option! 

Dripped head to toe in CH Boutique! Wearing the softest knitted sweater in warm on our site paired with our Brooklyn jeans, Sweet Home Texas leather bracelet, Holiday Red crystal stone gold hoops and Brown Athena Booties!


Third, Ain't seen stuffin' yet is our cutest causal fit of this Thanksgiving guide! A sweet twist on Sothern style with our Ombre Slay the Day Flannel! Great for a day filled with family football, cooking, and watching the Macy Day Parade! Our flannel is paired with our Criss Cross Ponytail Cap that allows you to wear your ponytail however you like! Also included with our Boho beaded bracelet, Brooklyn jeans, and Gray Rhinestone hoops.


Fourth, is Never want to leaf for a Thanksgiving you want to make a statement! Our white leopard pants make a bold statement paired with our SUPER cozy Caramel Latte Sweater. Bold clothing items so perfectly with simple jewelry pieces like our Braided Gold Hoops. This look also includes of Athena booties (once again...haha) and our popular Home Sweet Texas jeweled bracelet.

Gobble Gobble til' you wobble!!!

Lastly, for our friends that are in cold weather for Thanksgiving keep it simple with a soft sweater and cozy blanket scarf! Our holiday sweater is the perfect shade of wine for fall and winter! Paired with our Candy Apple Scarf.. (check out my recent blog on how to style a blanket this winter!)


And that’s it for my 2020 Thanksgiving Style Guide! What did you guys think of this post? Did you like it, love it, hate it? Come let me know in the comments or over on Insta or Facebook and tell me which outfit was your favorite!